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Russia’s state TV host kicked up a fuss about the seizure of his villas on the shores of Lake Como in northern Italy. Unidentified intruders tried to set the villas on fire and vandalised them by spray-painting ‘killer’ and ‘no war’ on one. The Italian government has since frozen and seized the villas worth a combined total of £6.7 million, according to Metro. Reacting to the loss of his Italian villas and his residence permit, Putin‘s puppet Mr Solovyov said: “In that respect, I liked the Italians.

“When Eni said, ‘Us?! In roubles?!’ No, no, no! Forget about it! It will never happen! Dimentica tutto!'”

Italian oil and gas company Eni said in a statement it would open a rouble-dominated account Gazprombank “on a precautionary basis”, complying with Putin’s demand to pay gas in rouble.

The move stirred up anger in the European Commission which warned of sanctions against Eni.

The Commission previously sent an updated sanctions guidance, which doesn’t explicitly forbid opening a ruble account, according to Politico.

“‘Forget it Don’t dare say that to us!’ Ms Solovyov exclaimed.

“‘Like, va…!’ And there all of a sudden, ‘oh la la! Where can we open an account? Look, roubles, we’re ready!’

However, the Italian energy company said it would keep making payments in euros.

ENI said it was going to “temporarily open the two accounts – one in euros and one in rubles – without prejudice to its contractual rights, which still envisage payment in euros”.

Solovyov continued: “By the way, Italians, do you remember who helped you during coronavirus?

“The ordinary people there remember. Bergamo remembers it very well.”

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“Does he actually realise what the people of Italy really think?. 

“Or as is often the case, dos it not bother anyone?

“Because Europe is now governed by people elected in practice by nobody.”

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