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A lawsuit by voters and two Democratic electors is requesting damages of $2.4 million from Trump’s fake electors.

The AP reported:

Their lawsuit filed in Dane County Circuit Court alleges a conspiracy by Trump and his allies to overturn his loss in the presidential race, calling it “as legally baseless as it was repugnant to democracy.” It seeks up to $2.4 million in damages as well as disqualifying the Republicans from ever serving as electors again.


“It’s essential to have accountability and to make sure this doesn’t happen again,” said Jeffrey Mandell, an attorney for the plaintiffs. “We have heard in the more than a year since the fraudulent electors met the excuse that what they did was not wrong, it was totally fine. We want a court to make clear that is not true.”

The lawsuit is an attempt to hold the fake electors accountable, and to make sure that this sort of attack on democracy is severely punished to the fullest extent allowable in civil court.

The coup plot was wide ranging, and no one should be let off of the hook. The Department of Justice is investigating the fake electors who could face both state and federal criminal charges.

Legal action is way to make sure that what Trump and fake electors did in their attack on democracy is not forgotten.

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