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Trump followed up his plea for his voters not to vote in 2022 with an announced fundraiser for walking Senate candidate disaster Herschel Walker.

Here is the announcement:

Walker has already had to cancel one fundraiser after he was going to be gobbling up cash from donor whose social media profile image is a swastika made out of needles.

Republicans have been worried about the possibility of immense damage that Walker could do to their hopes of taking back the Senate in 2022, and so far, he has more than made their nightmares come true.

The Trump/Walker relationship goes back decades to the time when Trump was running the USFL into the ground, so his support for his hand-picked Senate candidate in Georgia was expected.

Donald Trump appears to be trying to sabotage the 2022 election for Republicans. It is as if he is being guided by a belief that if he can’t win, no Republican can.

Trump is turning into the best weapon that Democrats may have for holding on to the Senate in 2022.

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