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Team USA and Chinese athletes are returning home from Tokyo with the highest medal tallies but tiny San Marino and Bermuda can lay claim to the title of most successful countries at the Olympics.

American athletes have won 113 of the more than 1,000 medals that were up for grab during the seventeen days of sporting action — the largest number per country.

It has also secured 39 gold medals, one more than China, its nearest rival, whose athletes are returning home with a combined tally of 88 medals.

Japan (58 medals, 27 gold), Great Britain (65, 22), the Russian Olympic Committee (71 medals, 20 gold), Australia (46, 17), Netherlands (36, 10), France (33, 10), Germany (37, 10), and Italy (40, 10) make up the rest of the top 10.

But when looking at countries’ populations, the medal table looks a lot different.

San Marino sent five athletes to Tokyo and they’re returning home with 3 medals — one silver and two bronzes. This puts the small land-locked European country of just 33,860 inhabitants 72nd on the medal table per country, per first per capita.

Bermuda counts 63,900 inhabitants. It won just one medal, a gold, putting the North Atlantic island 63rd in the ranking by countries but second per capita.

Grenada walks away from Tokyo with a single bronze medal, but that puts it third of the medal table per capita. The Caribbean island has a population of just over 112,000.

Fellow island nations New Zealand, Bahamas, Jamaica, and Fiji follow with Croatia, Slovenia and Georgia complete the top ten.

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