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Russian state television hosts raged at the Brussels organisation for supporting the NATO effort against Putin’s invaders in Ukraine.

The fiercely pro-war, state-controlled network Russia One suggested the EU had become simply an extension of the international NATO agreement.

Vladimir Putin has pledged there will be retaliation against nations that continue to support Ukraine by providing military aid, including through NATO.

The Russian hosts said: “The EU is just a branch of NATO.”

The presenter continued: “Both Von der Leyen and Borrell are in unison talking about what?

“Not about the EU, not about strengthening its borders, not about integration.

“They’re talking about arms shipments to Ukraine and the continuation of the war. 

“Fight, fight, fight!”

The Russian hosts declared the European Union was no longer an entity separate to NATO.

One said: “It’s no longer the EU – let’s forget that word, de facto, it no longer exists.

“It’s a military entity which is wearing civilian togas.

“Having put on a civilian toga, [the EU] is on the one hand talking about strengthening the EU and about integration but on the other hand is taking part in a war against Russia.”

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The international alliance has drawn particular attention from Russia as both Finland and Sweden have recently submitted applications for membership.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine had pressured the nations to break their historical stance of neutrality by pledging military support to NATO.

Putin’s authorities have condemned the expansion of NATO as Russia argues the introduction of Finland and Sweden has created a greater threat against Russia’s stability. 

A Kremlin spokesperson responded: “Russia will be forced to take  retaliatory steps, both of a military-technical and other nature, in order to stop the threats to its national security that arise in this regard.”

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