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One might expect Roger Stone to say near anything in response to the House Select Committee’s decision to subpoena him and question him concerning January 6th. It is somewhat surprising, however, that his response involved turning on a fellow Trump supporter and directly accusing her of having knowledge of what became a violent attempted overthrow of the government.

Stone posted to his Telegraph account:

“Given what I know I am perplexed as to why the January 6 committee has not issued a subpoena to Katrina Pierson, in other words someone deeply involved in the violent and unlawful acts of January 6, rather than me, given that I was not there and have no advance knowledge or involvement whatsoever in the events at the Capitol that day.

Well, good news awaits Stone. He will have a chance to tell the Committee “what he knows,” and why he believes that they should be talking to Katrina Pierson and not him.

It is interesting to note that he says he had no “advance knowledge” of what was to come at the Capitol, creeping right to the end of implying that Pierson did have advance knowledge of what was to come. If someone had “advance knowledge” it means the violence was planned. If that person can be directly tied to Trump, it means that Trump may have been part of that plan.

If Trump supporters are legitimately starting to turn on each other – and this seems to be a legitimate example – then the Committee should certainly take it as a sign that they are on the right track and keep pushing.

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