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When you consider Hunter Biden, what’s the very first thing that involves thoughts? And  please do not crack any jokes. Come on, pipe up. What do you affiliate Hunter Biden with? Laptops? Maybe however it could possibly be one other L-word, specifically locomotives. 

Sure, did you now that Hunter Biden is a famous locomotive skilled? You do not imagine me? Properly, that’s how Politico’s “Transition Playbook” described him on Friday in “How excessive velocity trains bought railroaded in Biden’s infrastructure plan.”

Welcome to POLITICO’s 2021 Transition Playbook, your information to the primary 100 days of the Biden administration

Everyone knows JOE BIDEN likes — okay, loooooooves — trains.

He has written that the Amtrak workers supplied him with “one other household totally.” The Amtrak station in Wilmington, Del., is known as after him. In 2006, his son, famous locomotive skilled HUNTER BIDEN, joined Amtrak’s board — the Senate simply confirmed him by a voice vote.

So Hunter Biden is a “famous locomotive skilled?” Does that imply that prime velocity rail conferences around the globe are incomplete with out the enter of Hunter Biden, the “famous locomotive skilled?” And the way did Hunter acquire such experience on the topic to the extent to be on the board of Amtrak? Properly, he did it by driving the choo-choo quite a bit. Actually! That is how he described his experience to Politico in 2007 (this new report linked to that as “proof” of experience):

“As a frequent commuter, I’ve actually logged 1000’s of miles on Amtrak,” Biden advised the Senate Commerce Committee on his solution to being unanimously confirmed for the board seat being vacated by one other Democrat, former Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis.

If you’re a Democrat and Politico desires to make themselves laughingstocks once more by sucking as much as a excessive rating political relative of yours, simply go on lots of cruises and you possibly can be described as a famous nautical skilled.

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