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The Pentagon has told federal contractors in Texas that Greg Abbott’s order doesn’t matter and they must get vaccinated.

Here was the guidance to defense contractors in Texas:

Greg Abbott Does Not Have The Legal Authority To Supercede Federal Law

This is basic civics. Greg Abbott as a governor does not have the power or authority to supersede federal law/executive orders. Joe Biden is the President Of The United States. His vaccine mandate takes authority over any order that Abbott has or could issue.

Gov. Abbott can’t stop federal contractors in his state from getting the vaccine.

It is called the Supremacy Clause. It is in the Constitution. Federal law is the supreme law of the land.  Joe Biden has the authority to set the terms and conditions of employment for federal contractors.

The Pentagon was correct to send the message to Greg Abbott that he and his “order” can go kick rocks.

Abbott can’t dictate the terms and conditions of federal contracts, and there is nothing that he can order that would supersede President Biden’s federal authority.

If contractors want to keep their federal contracts, they need to follow Biden’s order and get vaccinated.

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