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US President Joe Biden has been warned of the threat from North Korea as they complete their latest round of missile tests. While speaking on Sky News Australia, Dr Davis insisted North Korea could move towards testing ballistic missiles and break its nuclear weapon moratorium. In addition to this, the missiles used in the latest tests are nuclear-capable meaning that both South Korea and Japan could be in range.

Dr Davis highlighted how this would increase tensions in the region.

Mr Davis said: “Obviously these missiles are nuclear-capable so you could put a nuclear warhead on it and strike targets in both South Korea and Japan from North Korea with these particular missiles.

“It does a destabilising factor to the region.

“I also think it is a step along the road towards an eventual resumption of North Korean ballistic missile tests.

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“There was a moratorium on for at least 18 months and now North Korea will potentially break that moratorium.

“That would create a real headache for the Joe Biden administration.”

Dr Davis also noted how Iran could put greater pressure on Joe Biden.

He said: “North Korea already has substantial nuclear forces.

“That would also create a huge problem for the Biden administration in particular after Afghanistan.

“Where the perception is that Joe Biden has basically walked away from the Middle East.

“Countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia are very concerned the Americans inattention on the Middle East.”

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