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Senate Minority Chief Mitch McConnell had the nerve to accuse President Biden of court-packing as he misplaced it over the President probably including extra SCOTUS justices.

Right here is McConnell’s full assertion:

McConnell stated partially, “So anybody who was shocked by the creation of a fee on packing the Supreme Courtroom merely hasn’t been paying consideration. This faux-academic research of a nonexistent drawback suits squarely inside liberals’ years-long marketing campaign to politicize the Courtroom, intimidate its members, and subvert its independence. This isn’t some new, severe, or sober pivot away from Democrats’ political assaults on the Courtroom. It’s simply an try to dress these ongoing assaults in pretend legitimacy. It’s disappointing that anybody, liberal or conservative, would lend credence to this assault by taking part within the fee.”

It’s as if Mitch McConnell doesn’t suppose the American folks will discover that he spent the whole Trump administration packing the courts with partisans to be able to politicize the Judicial Department.

Forming a fee to check increasing the Supreme Courtroom was one of many extra average steps that President Biden might have taken. Biden didn’t take workplace and announce that he’s in favor of including three or 4 extra justices to the Supreme Courtroom, however the truth that it is going to even be thought-about is sufficient to terrify Mitch McConnell, as a result of because of adjustments within the filibuster guidelines, Democrats might develop the Supreme Courtroom with zero Republican votes.

Sen. McConnell is watching the Democrats thwart his obstructionist ways, now threatening to undo his assault on the judiciary. The whole lot that Mitch McConnell has finished to the nation may very well be wiped away by Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress.

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