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Michael Wolff took the gloves and called out Brian Stelter’s inconsistency on covering Fox News and told Stelter that he is part of the reason why people don’t like the media.


The exchange:

Wolff: Yeah, but I don’t want you to think that what I said at that point was in any way inauthentic. I think the media has done a terrible job on this. I think you yourself, while you’re a nice guy, you’re full of sanctimony. You become one of the problems of the media. You come on here and have a monopoly on truth. You know exactly how things are supposed to be done. You know, you are why one of the reasons people can’t stand the media. I’m sorry. 

Stelter: You’re cracking me up. 

Wolff:  It’s your fault. 

Stelter: So what should I do differently, Michael? 

Wolff: You know, don’t talk so much. Listen more. You know, people have genuine problems with the media. The media doesn’t get the story right. The media exists in its own bubble.

Stelter:  That’s true, I agree. 

Wolff: You know, you’ve got to stop — I mean that last segment that I just had to listen to, of all of the people saying the same old stuff. Also, you’re incredibly repetitive. It’s week after week. You’re the flip side of Donald Trump. You know, fake news and you say virtuous news. You know, there’s — 

Stelter: No, we just figure out what isreal. 

Wolff: Well, figuring out — yeah, figuring out what isrealis not so — is not so easy. And most people don’t want to turn to Brian Stelter to tell us what’s real. I’m sorry. 

Michael Wolff Pointed Out The Big Hypocrisy In The Corporate Media’s Coverage Of Fox News

CNN’s Brian Stelter is just one example of a larger problem in the corporate media. Wolff pointed out that Stelter ran with Fox’s denial of the claim in his book that Rupert Murdoch was involved in calling Arizona for Biden.

Stelter spends each week of his show criticizing Fox’s programming and questioning if they are real.

Wolff asked Stelter why he treated Fox’s denial as fact when they lie all of the time.

The whole interview was wild and one of the more honest discussions about media bubbles and the sanctimony and hypocrisy in corporate media.

Wolff stepped on some sensitive subjects for people in the media. Stelter kept a professional appearance on the air, but it is tough for anyone in the media to hear that sort of criticism, especially live on the air on your own show.

Brian Stelter handled it well.

Here is hoping that he listened and uses what Wolff had to say to make a better show.


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