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Witnesses claimed the white car was involved in a collision with a truck and both the drivers stopped to have a heated discussion. The road rage quickly escalated when a passenger in the truck tried to intervene, resulting in the driver of the white car becoming infuriated before he “tried to run over him”.

The truck’s passenger, who works as a cleaner, was left hanging to the front of the car as it sped off.

A source said: “The cleaner of the truck came to sort out the matter but also got into the argument after which the car driver tried to run over him.

“The cleaner jumped on the bonnet in order to save himself after which he drove him in the dangerous condition for a stretch of miles as helpless spectators recorded the event on their mobile phones.”

The incident happened in the middle of a busy flyover in Kanpur, in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India on Tuesday.

The man who clung to the car is said to have no injuries and exactly what caused the road rage is unclear.

Police are now investigating the incident after the video was shared on Twitter and they were repeatedly tagged in it.

Shubham Kumar, a journalist, shared the video on Twitter, writing: “#Kanpur A person was seen dragging the car in the bonnet, after abusing the cleaner of the truck came in front of the car, then the driver tried to mount the car on him.”

One police official, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “Any major accident could have happened and that the incident was an intentional threat to the life of the victim.”

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