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Sens. Lindsey Graham, Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz, and different Republicans thought it will be a great photo-op to tour the border in an armed boat. They had been flawed.

Video of a few of America’s least well-liked politicians floating on boat to look robust:

The mocking has been swift and extreme:

A bunch of wealthy middle-aged white guys throw on some camo and assume that they’re making a political level in regards to the border by rolling down the river gradual sufficient for cameras to catch them whereas doing their finest to look robust.

The polling has flipped on immigration. Individuals need extra immigration, not much less, and simply 8% of these polled say it’s a very powerful problem within the nation.

Republicans are attempting to make a difficulty out of one thing that over 90% of the nation doesn’t care about, and people who do care need extra immigration, not much less.

The little publicity stunt that Senate Republicans pulled backfired on them by displaying how unpopular and out of step they’re on this problem. Republicans nonetheless haven’t discovered that once they run on hard-line immigration positions, they lose elections and embarrass themselves.

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