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It’s all the time harmful when Trumpers be taught a brand new phrase as when Rep. Lauren Boebert tried to match Marxism to a Ponzi scheme.

Boebert tweeted:

Rep. Boebert confirmed in a one-sentence tweet that she doesn’t know the that means of Marxism or a Ponzi scheme. One suspects that Boebert thinks socialism and Marxism are the identical. They aren’t. Secondly, Boebert doesn’t know what a Ponzi scheme is. A Ponzi scheme isn’t a redistribution of wealth, which might be socialism, not Marxism.

Ponzi schemes thrive on capitalism and the concept of some form of market inefficiency that may result in large returns on investments. A Ponzi scheme is a type of monetary fraud.

Not solely does Boebert’s comparability not work, nevertheless it the equal of gibberish.

It’s tough to imagine that the one that printed this tweet has an precise of constructing coverage for the American individuals.

Boebert additionally voted in opposition to bone marrow for most cancers sufferers as a result of she possible believes that the nationwide bone marrow registry is both Marxist or Ponzi scheme. Her tweet could be humorous if her ignorance weren’t so doubtlessly lethal to the American individuals.

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