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US President Joe Biden has insisted he intends to pull the majority of US troops out of Afghanistan by September 11, 2021. However, Australian Liberal MP Dave Sharma has warned this could result in President Biden making a similar mistake to ex-President Barack Obama. While speaking on Sky News Austalia, Mr Sharma noted when Mr Obama pulled troops out of Iraq, ISIS was able to form and cause significant problems for the US in later years.

Mr Sharma warned a similar thing could happen with Afghanistan with major US and NATO forces pulling out of the country.

Mr Sharma said: “I think there is a halfway house, in my mind, it has unfairly been titled the forever war within foreign policy circles in Washington.

“But no US serviceman has died in Afghanistan for a couple of years.

“The cost financially but also in terms of material and equipment of this commitment was quite low.

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“I just make the point, in countries like Japan and Germany and South Korea and even in Iraq today there are thousands of US troops.

“Some of them have been there on rotation for several decades.

“That is sometimes the cost of maintaining peace, the ongoing presence.

“The way the US presence had been configured now in Afghanistan, which was largely a train and assists mission based around Bagram airbase, exposing them to a low amount of risk but providing a huge force multiplayer and enabler for the Afghan national forces was buying security at a very low price.”

“He eventually decided to send troops back in.

“There are 250,00 troops in Iraq now but they keep the Iraqi Government stable.

“We need to do something similar in Afghanistan.”

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