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On Wednesday, Mr Biden finally announced Jane Hartley, a former television executive and Democrat donor as the new ambassador. Although the position is usually one of the first to be filled, it has taken Mr Biden close to a year to appoint the position, which has provoked anger from some Britons. Some have called on the UK to turn its back on the US in reaction to the Biden move.

RhodaG said: “Another pay-to-play ambassador.

“The UK turned its back on the EU. Time to turn our back on the US too.

“Both are fading powers who would hold us back.”

Robjmckinney said: The disaster of Biden will be over soon enough as with the democratic hopes of retaining power.

“Biden’s has dropped below that of Trump as he moves from one disastrous policy to another.

“The streets have been lost to criminals the people are afraid, he is history!”

PeterKelly added: “There is no ‘special relationship’ and never has been!

“America will do anything, absolutely anything, to get an advantage, more power, and more money.

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The US President is heading towards the mid-term elections in November.

According to a new Gallup poll of support, the President has lost major support in comparison to the first quarter of 2021.

In the first quarter of 2021, 49 percent of Americans asked identified with the US President, in comparison to 40 percent for the Republican party.

In just a year, the US President now has 40 percent support while 47 percent of Americans identify with the Republican party.

That 14 point swing is the larger the Gallup poll has seen in 30 years.

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