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During a speech from the White House, the US President, 78, said 350 million Americans have received the vaccine. “Well over – what’s the number again, I’ll remind myself – 350 million Americans have already been vaccinated. They’re doing fine,” Mr Biden said after glancing at his notes.

According to the most recent census in April, the entire population in the States is 331 million.

Nearly 350 doses have been administered, however. It is possible that the President’s notes were referring to this number.

Latest figures show 166 million people have been fully vaccinated in the US – around half of the population.

In the country, the Delta variant is surging among the unvaccinated and recent reports show the majority of Covid hospitalisations and deaths are among the unvaccinated.

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“That shows how much our vaccination progress has done to protect us from the worst of the new Delta COVID-19 wave.”

The US President is known for occasional verbal slip ups while speaking.

Mr Biden has previously joked about his habit of misspeaking, remarking: “I am a gaffe machine.”

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