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French tourists spoke out against the UK’s travel restrictions against the neighbouring country which were introduced in mid-July in response to the rising coronavirus Beta variant across France. But travellers skewered the UK Government’s decision, branding it “political” and suggest the decision was done out of spite to France. The UK Government is reportedly looking to climb down from implementing the travel rules with French ministers branding the move “discriminatory”. 

Broadcaster RT UK spoke with some tourists in Paris who were angry over the decision to limit French travel. 

One said: “There is a grudge against France from Great Britain and that’s all [it is].

“I think it is historical, I think it is political and it’s nothing else, it hasn’t anything to do with the reality of viruses.”

Another man added: “I have no idea why we haven’t had an exception for French people, they have ups and downs like all other European countries.”

A tourist explained he was “unaware” as to why France was “singled out” and believed the country was doing a good job tackling the virus. 

Politico reports the UK may change its French travel rules next week as part of the usual review into travel guidelines. 

Ministers, including Transport Minister Grant Shapps, have been attacked for the rules which puts France on the “amber-plus” list. 

Arrivals from France are required to isolate for ten days regardless of vaccination status as the UK was concerned over the spread of the Beta variant.

Reports suggest the Government “overreacted” to the Beta variant after being attacked for the Delta variant outbreak which originated in India. 

Earlier this week, the UK announced fully vaccinated Europeans and Americans can visit the UK and are not required to quarantine on arrival. 

However, critics have blasted the move as some European countries and the US are still off-limits for Brit travellers due to the Delta variant prevalent across the country. 

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