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On arrival at the EU summit in Brussels, Angela Merkel said the rule of law is part of the core of the existence of the EU. 

Ms Merkel said:  “We have to find ways and possibilities to come together on this.

“Because a cascade of legal disputes before the ECJ is not a solution to the problem of how the rule of law can be experienced.

“And I believe next to the core of the rule of law, where I of course support what the Commission is doing, behind this we have a problem we should take very seriously.

“And that is the question of how do the individual member states envision the EU? Is it the ever-closer union on one side, or is it a stronger role for the nation state?

“And this is certainly not just a topic between Poland and the EU, this is also discussed in other member states. Normally the conference on Europe would be a good place to discuss these questions together.”

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