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Commentator Carol McGiffin spoke on GB News on the feelings in France toward French President Emmanuel Macron and the Covid restrictions. While speaking to host Dan Wootton, she argued that President Macron was ignoring those protesting against the covid passport. She also admitted she was worried about the future in France and how the Government was handling the pandemic.

Mr Wootton said: “It is a great irony with you, isn’t it?

“You were so desperate to escape the draconian restrictions going on here.

“So you head to your home in France only for Macron to up the stakes even more.”

Ms McGiffin said: “It is just so difficult, life is getting very difficult here.

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“I never thought it would happen.

“When I left the UK to go back to France in January, I was escaping the restrictions and they were lifted earlier here in France.

“Then I came back to London in June and things were being relaxed there a little bit.

“But they had been here for a long time and there was hardly any restrictions, a few people were still wearing masks in the street.

She said: “I genuinely felt ill listening to what Macron was saying.

“I couldn’t believe he was bringing covid passports in so quickly.

“I remember last year on the TV he said we need to get back to our culture, our freedom, to our lives and being French.

“He said all of that and then said you can’t go anywhere without this covid pass.”

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