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Researchers have lengthy tried to piece collectively the lifetime of the stepmother of Tutankhamun for the reason that artefact was present in Inform el-Amarna a century in the past. The traditional ruler, who was married to the Boy King’s father – Akhenaten – died in 1331BC, however neither her tomb nor physique has ever been found. This has left a number of unanswered questions on her life and reign over the New Kingdom of Egypt, however Egyptologist Professor Aidan Dodson detailed throughout the HistoryExtra podcast how researchers are studying extra.

He mentioned: “There are numerous myths round, a few of which surrounded her origins.

“Some have insisted that she was a royal princess, or they’ve tried to make her a international princess as a result of her title does imply ‘the attractive lady has arrived’.

“Some have made an excessive amount of of that, when really it’s a superbly frequent Egyptian title of that interval.

“Past that, till pretty just lately, Nefertiti has been regarded nearly as a cypher.

“The attractive bust of her, which was present in 1912, has made her a global ‘glamour puss’ reasonably than really an individual who had ideas and affect.“

Prof Dodson defined how these misconceptions have been unravelled just lately.

He added: “It’s probably not till the previous few years that we’ve began to grasp there was reasonably extra to her – and likewise how her profession really went past being merely a king’s spouse.

“Throughout her interval as Akhenaten’s spouse, we discover Nefertiti depicted smiting Egypt’s enemies, which is one thing which isn’t discovered for another queen of Egypt.

“We additionally discover Nefertiti on the corners of her husband’s sarcophagus, reasonably than the figures of the normal goddesses of the lifeless, who you usually discover in that place.

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“It wasn’t clear whether or not that was an undiscovered a part of Tutankhamen’s tomb, or a separate tomb or one thing else underneath the bottom utterly hidden.

“There have been excavations ongoing in that space for the final yr or two – I assume these have been stopped for the reason that pandemic hit.

“If I needed to predict the place that’s going to go, I feel these excavations will proceed and, finally, they are going to be capable of show or disprove if there may be something underneath the floor.”

Researchers proceed to probe the lifetime of the girl who reigned at what was arguably the wealthiest interval of historical Egyptian historical past.

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