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Dr Sach Kepp, who works at a public hospital in Sydney, has recalled seeing “grossly abnormal” scans of coronavirus patients. In a bid to prevent the overwhelming of hospitals, he called on people to get the vaccine as he warned of the effects of the disease.

In a Facebook post seen by the Sun, the healthcare professional gave his account of the illness, which he said gave “mid-40s” symptoms so severe “they cannot breathe”.

Dr Kepp wrote: “Symptoms have been seen to last beyond 12 months, and who knows for how long after that.

“How many will need long term oxygen? How many will have pulmonary hypertension and associated heart problems? How many will have recurrent blood clots?

“We do not know. Developing countries would kill for access to any of these incredibly effective vaccines, and we have access to two!”

Australia has approved the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines.

Dr Kepp emphasised the need for “frustrated” Australians to stick to the lockdown restrictions as Delta infections continue to rise.

He wrote: ”What the world, and Australia, is currently experiencing with the rise of Delta cases is very much real and incredibly concerning.

“As we speak, Sydney hospitals are filling up with Covid-positive patients who are too unwell to remain at home.

“The implications of this are huge for our hospitals. Each one of these cases are an incredible burden on the system.

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