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So right here is the headline that opened the week.

CNN fires conservative CNN commentator Rick Santorum.

Stunning? Nope. 

Rick Santorum, a former Senator from Pennsylvania, can now be added to this record of names:

Corey Lewandowski

Scottie Nell Hughes

Paris Dennard

Ed Martin

Jason Miller

And, oh sure, yours actually.

What will we all have in widespread with Rick Santorum? All of us have been “quietly dropped” from CNN as commentators. And in my case there was really nothing “quiet” about it.

And oh sure, there’s one thing else all of us have in widespread. To an individual we’re all conservatives and – gasp! – Trump supporters.

Let’s be clear right here.

CNN has an totally good proper to rent and hearth whomever they need. I definitely by no means disputed that and Rick Santorum doesn’t both.

The actual downside right here is CNN pretending that we aren’t focused as a result of we’re conservatives or Trump supporters.

In my case, lengthy earlier than I used to be dispatched, CNN president Jeff Zucker informed me personally that he was “defending” me. I informed him I used to be appreciative and recall even saying that I used to be expendable. I consider in being a group participant and I used to be, in any case, on the CNN group.

However I quietly puzzled to myself why I wanted to be protected in any respect. I used to be, in any case, your fundamental Reagan conservative. Ronald Reagan was a twice-elected-in-landslides president. He, his supporters like myself – and he was additionally my boss – have been decidedly in the course of mainstream conservative thought.

The reply as to why I wanted safety at CC, partially if not in entire, was that I used to be a Trump supporter. 

Over there at The Wall Avenue Journal columnist extraordinaire Dan Henninger has a bit concerning the controversy swirling across the creation of a fee to research the occasions of January sixth. During which he says this – daring print for emphasis provided:

Years therefore, historians sifting for the information of American politics the previous 5 years must tackle the phenomenon referred to as Trump Derangement Syndrome. 

Generally, TDS refers back to the harm achieved to particular person psyches consumed with animosity towards Donald Trump, an impact he relished and fed. Much less explored is the harm TDS did to the U.S. political system’s capacity to perform, as now with a Jan. 6 fee.

Democrats and the media will deny this to their graves, however the wellsprings of American politics have been poisoned for years by the Russia-collusion narrative.

Certainly. And CNN — to not point out different liberal media shops – have been severely broken with TDS.

What grew to become obvious with my very own expertise and is now cited by Rick Santorum in his personal case is that far —  leftwing teams have made it their coverage and apply to close down and silence conservatives within the media. That is now generally known as cancel tradition, and it has unfold and is spreading far and extensive past CNN.

However make no mistake. CNN was an early goal. And the community’s response has been, in essence, to let these varied anti-free speech and quasi-fascist organizations (and a few of them not so “quasi”) stress them into firing conservatives. Silencing us.

This, downside, as talked about, has unfold far past CNN. However there’s a huge distinction in the way in which CNN handles this stress as in comparison with different networks. 

Fox, Newsmax and One America Information ignore this stress. Campaigns to bully the sponsors of Fox’s Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham have failed as a result of Fox has their backs. The concept of Democrats in Congress to bully cable carriers into dropping all three networks has failed. These repeated makes an attempt to silence the late Rush Limbaugh all failed.

However because the firing of Rick Santorum — and, earlier, all the remainder of we conservative CNNers — illustrates, if nothing else it reveals simply how cowed CNN is by the left-wing mobs. Which is to say, CNN has a conservative downside.

America is now within the midst of the Memorial Day vacation. And sure, it’s a time to rejoice with household and pals.

However it’s value remembering that each one of these People who gave their lives on distant battlefields of way back and never so-long-ago wars did so to protect cherished American freedoms.

And when a significant tv community folds like an inexpensive go well with to leftist ideological bullies it’s, to say the least, disappointing.

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