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The hosts of Fox Information have very particular speaking factors to hit every day. And it usually has nothing to do with no matter present occasions are taking place.

No, as a substitute Fox feeds it’s viewers a heavy dose of cancel tradition. In addition they spend plenty of time demonizing immigrants. And the community’s personalities work onerous on whipping up concern about Antifa.

That’s what Rachel-Campos Duffy did throughout a Sunday episode of Fox and Mates. Actually, she says that Antifa will quickly be operating American cities.

Campos-Duffy instructed viewers, “What do you anticipate to occur? I imply that’s precisely what’s going to occur. You see additionally plenty of the regulation enforcement it’s, you understand, perhaps a grandfather and a son and the grandson all develop into cops and plenty of cops aren’t simply retiring, they’re not encouraging their sons to enter the occupation, you understand, the place they may have a legacy of that. And naturally who would below these circumstances?

The pundit continued her rant:

“And I’ll let you know what is going to occur ultimately, you’ll get what you may have in Latin America the place except you’re wealthy and you’ll afford personal safety, I imply that’s how, whenever you defund the police, have a look at Latin America, these are police forces that aren’t correctly funded. And in some cities in Mexico the cartels run them. So, how would you want your city to be run by subcontract antifa to maintain safety in your city? That’s the trail we’re on.”

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