By: Anna Lee | September 28, 2022
[ad_1] Tucker Carlson proved himself dangerous long ago. The misinformation he’s fed this country about FBI plots to carry out the January 6th siege, doubting the January 6th Committee’s evidence, and the rank racism inherent to his “replacement theory” was plenty to make Carlson a serious national security threat. But,...


By: Betty Lee | September 28, 2022
[ad_1] There’s no such thing as a free lunch, the adage goes. So, I set out to find out if there’s a such thing as a 99.95%-free lunch. Chipotle announced its latest promotion on Tuesday, apparently inspired by one of the worst puns in crypto. In honor of Ethereum’s merge,...


By: Betty Lee | September 28, 2022
[ad_1] Earlier this week, authorities in the region told more than 2.5 million residents to evacuate over safety concerns.For those who stayed, as of Wednesday morning, over 169,000 homes and businesses in Florida were without power.Scientists believe that climate change is making hurricanes more intense with higher winds and more...